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The Ottumwa Water Works has issued a conservation advisory due to high nitrate levels in the Des Moines River.  Since May 13, 2013 the nitrate levels in the Des Moines River has exceeded the maximum contaminant level of 10 parts per million established by the Environmental Protection Agency.  The Ottumwa Water Works has bee blending river water with alternate water sources including Black Lake and the Ottumwa Reservoir to bring the nitrate levels below the MCL established by the EPA.  The Water Works also suspended its hydrant flushing program since May 13th.  Customer can consume water from Ottumwa Water & Hydro with confidence.  We are experiencing the same issues as Des Moines Water Works.  However we do not have the expensive nitrate removal equipment that Des Moines has.  For more information on nitrates you can visit the  Due to low levels of alternate source water being available for blending, the Water Works is asking customers to conserve water and discontinue lawn irrigation.


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