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(Ottumwa)— A state criminologist testified today evidence he examined in connection with the death of Mary Jane Jones did not tie Robert Pilcher to the scene of the crime.

Dennis Chapman was one of two criminologists who testified.  Chapman said he examined clothing for hair samples, underwear for seminal fluid, s well as saliva and blood.  He said he could find no signs of drugs or alcohol from  cigarette butts.  He did say he found blood on the barrel of a rifle but could not identify it. He said he got negative results on underwear and a blanket

Under cross examination from defense attorney Duggan, Chapman said he pulled hair samples from a bed spread, and none of them were consistent with Robert Pilcher and ruled out any hair belong to the accused.

Dar Chapman the brother of Dennis who is also a criminologist give testimony that center around the various types of fingerprints.  He said he examined fingerprints on a door knob and a window in the bedroom of the Max Marlin’s house where the crime occurred.  He said he found fingerprints from several people including that of Pilcher.

Dar Chapman also discussed a Savage bolt action  rifle .  He was asked by the state about a crack in the stock of the rifle.  He said his examination determined the crack on the left side of the stock was fresh at the time in 1974 and said the rifle could have been dropped or could have been used to hit something.

One other witness was expected to be called to the stand before taking a three day recess.

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