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(Ottumwa)— With very little fanfare, the Ottumwa City Council last night approved a recommendation to create a department head for the city’s water pollution control facility.

City Administrator Joe Helfenberger says by creating a superintendent’s position, it would free up the Director of Public Works for other duties such as sewer construction, separation and non-plant maintenance.

Because of the fact the water control plant in Ottumwa has the population  equivalent of about 100-thousand people, the superintendent would have maximum control of the plant to promote its efficient operation and to maintain compliance with state and federal laws.  Helfenberger says the superintendent must be capable of correctly handling multiple emergencies at the same time. And will come under the supervision of the city administrator.

Also during last night’s meeting, the city council approved the first reading of an amended ordinance that sets out the duties and functions of the Department of Public Works.  Under the amended ordinance the landfill will no longer be under the control of the public works department.  In addition, the change confirms the department will be in charge of Capital improvements for sewers and sewer separation projects and will no longer be directly in charge of the day to day operations of the water Pollution control facility,.

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