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(Eldon)— Voters in Eldon got an opportunity Monday evening to learn a bit more about three of the four candidates running for Mayor.  The League of Women Voters in Ottumwa sponsored last night’s forum at the KD Center.  Sean Coulter, Tommy Reaves and Shirley Stacey responded to a number of questions submitted by those in the audience.  Dave Bower was unable to attend due top a family illness.

Subjects covered during the hour long forum ranged from addressing alcohol and drugs to improving the community’s economic status.

The candidates were asked what changes they would make to the city and better utilize the fairgrounds.  Stacy said three councilman serve on the board and she would like to see more work done at the fairgrounds.  She also said she would like to see more new businesses in Eldon.  Coulter said he too would like to see more businesses in Eldon and would have an open door policy.

The candidates were asked if they were any main issues.  Stacey said she would like to see the town progress more.  Coulter said he would like to bring more businesses to Eldon and would to see more local events in the community.  Reaves said he was no main issues but doesn’t like to see businesses closing.

The candidates were asked if the community needed a full time peace officer.  Reaves said yes and said he should be on call 24/7.  Stacy said the police officer is full time and thought his shift should be staged.  Coulter said having a full time officer needs to be justified.

And the candidates were asked how should the mayor decide what areas of  town needs to be cleaned up.  Reaves said the mayor should check it out then go to the property owner and see how the city can help.  Stacy said it’s a long process and she tries to meet with the property owners to get the situation resolved.  Coulter said a process is in place but noted progress doesn’t occur over night.

Following the primary election on Tuesday October 8th, the number of candidates will be reduced to two.

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