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(Ottumwa)— If gas prices are any indication, we must be getting closer to another long summer holiday weekend.  The price of gas in theOttumwa area has jumped almost 40-cents a gallon.  The price of a gallon of unleaded gas in Ottumwa is now 3.79 cents.

Markets analysts say besides the usual summer months price increase, states in the Midwest are being hit especially hard for a number of reasons including low inventory, maintenance at certain refineries requiring extra gas to be sent to the Great Lakes as well as plans for an Oklahoma refinery to remove some production.

Official say motorists can expect the prices to jump again in the coming days, but the prices will not remain at these levels for the long term. Just one month ago, Iowa drivers were paying $3.45 per gallon.  The average prices in Iowa on Wednesday was $3.75.

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