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(Ottumwa)— The Ottumwa Police Department and the Wapello County Sheriff’s Department could  receive some much needed equipment if a recommendation is approved by the Ottumwa City Council when it meets in regular session Tuesday evening in the council chamber of  City Hall.

The council is expected to approve a recommendation accepting the 2013 JAG grant from the Bureau of Justice assistance in the amount of 14-thousand, 781-dollars.

The Police Department is eligible to receive a non competitive JAG grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance.  This is the 9th year for the Justice Assistance Grant Program which replaced the Local Law Enforcement Block Grant program that the department has participated in since 1998.

The amount received is based on the number of violent crimes reported to the federal government.  As in previous years, the Wapello County sheriff’s Department is considered a disparate agency within the JAG program.  They are considered a disparate agency because they bear more than 50-percent of the incarceration costs arising from the violent crimes that is reported. The Wapello County sheriff’s Department will receive 15-percent of the grant funds or a total of 2218-dollars, while the police department will receive  12-thousand, 563 dollars.

The police department proposed to use the funds for the purchase of equipment and training to include ammunition, ammunition magazines, simulation, protective ear, taser cartridges, spike strips, and other equipment.  The funds will also be used for officers to attend training seminars.

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