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(Fairfield)— If you live in southeast Iowa you are probably familiar with the name Matt Stutzman from Fairfield.

Now the entire country is going to know about the armless archer thanks to an upcoming NBC Sports special that will be aired on July 22nd.

Stutzman will be a contestant on Knock Out, a reality television show.  Trying to capitalize on the popularity of archery from movies like the Hunger Games and other movies, NBC has gathered some of the best archers in the country for the competition.

On the show, twelve contestants will be split into three teams of four archers.  The archers will compete in Team Challenges where teammates will have to strategize  and work together by utilizing each archer’s particular strengths.  Some challenges will focus on speed and accuracy, while others will demand endurance and consistency.

The two losing teams will each nominate one archer from their team to compete in the head to head “Knock Out Round”.  The winner will return to compete in the next episode while the loser will be sent home.

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