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(Ottumwa)— With more than 11 miles of trails in Ottumwa those utilizing the system some times finds themselves in the need for a necessary room.

Thanks to the generosity of the Wapello County Trails Counsel, users of the trails will soon find two pit style toilets located at two locations.

During Tuesday’s meeting, the city council approved a recommendation to accept a donation of the toilets that will be located at Wayside Park and Sycamore Park. The toilets are valued at ten thousand dollars each and will be cleaned and maintained by the Ottumwa Parks Department.

Kim Hellige a member of the Wapello County Trails Council told the city council the group would like to put more of the toilets along the trail system including one at the Gray Eagle area. Hellige says the toilets are actually concrete buildings and are vandal proof.

And the City Council last night approved a recommendation to purchase 25 new wireless radios and antennas for all of the city’s pump stations.

Due to a lightning strike damaging the radio antennas and associated equipment on the water tower at Memorial Park, the city is having multiple problems communicating with the pump stations.

The total cost to replace the equipment including labor for installation will be more than 19-thousand dollars. City Engineer Larry Seals says the city should be able to recoup more than 9-thousand dollars from insurance coverage.

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