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After Romeo Explore The Outer Limits in ‘Where The People Go’: PopCrush Premiere

Come on down where the people go with After Romeo. Continue reading… ...
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‘We Are Your Friends’: Portrait of the Artist As a Slightly Douchey Young Man

Max Joseph's film about an aspiring EDM star is a parable with a nebulous moral — but hey, Zac Efron ...
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Hollywood Walk of Fame Stars You Never Knew: Renee Adoree

She finished filming a movie while suffering from tuberculosis—can you say you've done the same? Continue reading… ...
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Watch Fifth Harmony Freak Out After Learning ‘Worth It’ Has Gone Multi-Platinum

The 5H girls found out that their newest single is really, really #WorthIt. Continue reading… ...
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You Can Say ‘Let’s go to The Cupcakery,’ Because ‘Cupcakery’ Is a Word Now

As are 'rly,' 'bitch face' and 'awesomesauce.' Continue reading… ...
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2 Comments to 92.7 KTWA

  1. Echo Morgan says:

    I listened to KTWA at work and there has been A LOT of dead air lately. What’s up?

    • Nick Davis says:

      Thanks for letting us know! We’ve been having some trouble with our broadcast computer lately. We’ve got our technicians working on it right now. They think they’ve got the problem solved, but we have to wait to see if it happens again.

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