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(Burlington)— The management company that operates Bridge View Center may be managing another venue in Southeast Iowa.

Venue Works is interested in operating Burlington’s auditorium and port located along the Mississippi River.

The Burlington City Council has been in discussions with Venue Works to operate the facility.  Burlington public works director Steve Hoambrecker has been acting as a liaison between the city of Burlington, Venue Works and Burlington Steamboat Days that has a vested interest in the liquor license among other things Hoamsrecker says the Burliongton Steamboat Days board now favors what is known as option B.  Hoambrecker, whose depleted department will run the auditorium until the city hires someone, says option B will actually cost Steamboat Days more money.

The Burlington City Council prefers option A which would allow Venue Works to manage the facilities.  The city council is scheduled to make a decision early next week as to who will operate the auditorium and port.

In addition to Ottumwa Venue Works operates facilites in Spencer, Ames, Davenport and Des Moines.

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