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(Ottumwa)— Following a lengthy discussion at Tuesday night’s meeting,  the Ottumwa City Council approved  reading  an ordinance that will change the zoning of property at 2305 North Court from R-1 residential to C-1 Commercial.  The approval will allow Ottumwa Veterinary Clinic to expand in the very near future.

Ottumwa Veterinary Clinic has merged with a Minnesota veterinary company Pipestone.  During a discussion on the zoning request one of the neighbors opposed to the zoning request.  Kevin  Taylor asked Dr. Steve Menke  to come forward to explain what future expansion plans will include.

Another person  Douglas Richard told the city council they shouldn’t cater to the plans of one person and should not approve  the zoning request.

Council Mitch Niner told those opposed to the plans “it’s going to be difficult for you folks to preventing anything from coming in to the neighborhood.  Niner said it’s the law and the council cannot change it.  Another neighbor Jane Fritz said the council should make it a high jpriority to prevent this from happening again. She said she doesn’t want to live next to a commercial business.  Under questioning from council, J.R. Richards Menke said he would have to move his clinic if the city council did not approve the zoning request.  And councilman Robert Meyers said this is an extremely difficult decision but we have our hands tied.

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